Wednesday, 10 November 2010

UKA Armoured Fitter FV-434

Here is my recent build of the FV 434 the guys will tell you this is a "fitter" version of the Brit APC FV 432. It is equipped with a HIAB crane and the rear space is utilised to hold stores, engine and other assemblies and to drink beer apparently when a tent is placed over the load area. Making it the "gin palace" of the battlefield.
techie stuff ---
Engine: Rolls Royce K60 No 4 Mk 4F, 2 stroke, 6 cylinder,
twin crankshaft, multi-fuel. 240bhp @ 3750rpm
Maximum speed: 47kmh (road), 6kmh (water)
Fuel capacity & range: 480 km, 454L
Armament: 1 x 7.62 L7A2 GPMG (1000 rounds) or L1A1 LMG (336 rounds) 2 x 3 Barrel Smoke Dischargers
Combat weight: 17,750 kg
Length: 5.72 m
Width: 2.84m
Height: 1.891m Roof
Armour: 6-12mm
Crew: 4
It was used by the Royal Electrical Mechanical Engineers REME who basically fix most of the kit in UKA or form LAD to support other units. They are a bit like a road recovery service towing away your broken down vehicles and tracked armour or fixing it in the field.
err.. of you want one I mean a real one not a resin 35 scale kit I found this --
yours for £7,500 ---
They were used up to the advent of Challenger main battle tanks - which use a modular power pack design for the engine -- which is simply to heavy and to large for the HIAB to lift or the 434 to carry. So it was replaced by kool and sexy Challenger ARRV and Warrior based recovery vehicles.
well this sort of armour is a bit niche not having the general appeal of say a panther or sherman tank. So its produced as a resin kit by Accurate Armour and not available as a plastic injection model.
here is a link to AA kit

The Accurate Armour resin kit in 1/35th Scale
 FV-434  A long term work horse of the british army.