Monday, 10 September 2012

Mig ... glorious Mig-21 MF

Vzdušné síly AČR 11. letecký pluk, 3. letka, Žatec 1990. 5303 Lovec tygrů

Hmmm... talk about stringing it out. I bought this Academy kit way back before Eduard released the super duper version. So I read the kit needed a fin and spine correction set - so I got it, then an Aires pit, then the Eduard PE set, then the Eduard brassin engine and may as well get some brassin wheels while im at it !
So a bit of an overload on the aftermarket bits and pieces, in fact so many I was not sure I wanted to really start the thing.
Well it wasnt so bad the biggest work was the corrected tail and spine I used brass wire to reinforce all joins and to help me true up the join to the fuselage. The Aires pit just slips right in to fuselage without dramas a welcome relief.
I do like NMF and this made a perfect candidate - and sure thing they get dirty.  So here is "Tiger Hunter" 5303 as seen in Czech Air Force bearing the Eduard logo on the tail fin for a time.

Tail and spine correction set

Aires pit really adds to this build

Brassin wheels required a lot of extra work to fit to the academy UC legs

Resin engine yeah why not ... after all we will barely see it !

Classic delta - the Academy kit is really superb and builds very easily

Some choice decals for a NMF Czech machine

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